Finding a CRPS Friendly Dentist
Posted on March 22, 2019
*This is a transcript of the video interview from above

Kylen and Kristi: (Laughing)
Kristi: Hello everyone my name is Kristi Oen and I am a CRPS conqueror and also the founder of PAIN help which stands for Pay Attention I Need Help. Today we are going to be talking about finding a really good dentist. Someone that will work with you and help you while you are in pain because being at the dentist is not an awesome experience for those of us that are in pain.
Today I have a special guest. Do you want to introduce yourself?
Kylen: I'm Kylen. I’m a registered dental hygienist and I've known Kristi for a lot of years now, going on 5. 

I've seen her on her journey from really extricating pain all the time to where she is at now and it’s been pretty miraculous. 

We’ve gone through a lot of trials and errors with things that worked and didn't work to try to help her through all that.
Kristi: And the great part is that I was able to find you. 

This video is about finding a good dentist and especially hygienist; because they are going to be your best friend going through this...
Kylen: She’s stuck with me (both laughing)
Kristi: The way that I actually found them is by looking at this national magazine called Natural Awakenings. I was looking for a non-toxic dentist. When you are in pain a lot of times the more toxins you add the worse things can get for you.
I even thought having the old things in my teeth (fillings and crowns) could be causing some of my pain.
Kylen: The mercury…
Kristi: Yes, the mercury and everything so you need to find a good dentist.
Kylen: A lot of times people who have hypersensitivity with their nerve receptors are also very sensitive to chemicals as well. If you have chemicals being used during your treatment that makes it really difficult. So finding somewhere that is going to fit with your needs is best.
Kristi: Kylen you were talking about an organization where you can search for a dentist in your area. It is called the (stumbling over letters) IAOMT, what does that stand for again?
Kylen: EIEIO – It’s the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. It talks about mercury safe, mercury-free, and the amalgams in our teeth which are the black, darker fillings that you see that are old.  Some people actually still use them today. But staying away from those is a big thing. This is a great website that will give you some information to find healthy and naturopathic dentists in your area. 
Kristi: The dentists have to be at certain levels/criteria in their practice where they are safer. So you definitely want to check that out. If there isn’t anyone in your area then you want to look for someone that is mercury free and mercury safe. What other things do they want to look for and ask questions about?
Kylen: I am a firm believer in trusting your gut. That’s another thing that we have talked about, so sometimes it is trial and error. You go to a place and if you feel that you aren’t jivving with that dentist or something feels off, it might not be a good fit for you. It doesn’t mean that they are a bad dentist, it just means that it isn’t where you want to be or what is best for you so find a place where you feel good and safe.
We do a lot with lasers which is awesome because it helps to decontaminate the area and it’s a lot less invasive. We also do stuff with ozone therapy. We do it in water form but you can also do it in gas form. It’s highly oxygenated water that has antimicrobial properties; it kills bacteria without using harsh chemicals.
Kristi: One thing I really like here is non-fluorination. I really wanted my son not to have the fluoride treatments. When I was at a dentist that wasn’t fluoride free, I just asked them not to use fluoride.
Kylen: Yes, ask. We obviously have non-fluorinated prophy paste and different things like that. That’s something you have full autonomy as a patient to be asking for, even if you aren’t necessarily at a holistic office.
Kristi: Correct and one of the other things, I called and asked so many questions. Don’t be afraid to interview them. You don’t have to be stuck with a dentist even if you grew up your whole life going to the same dentist. If you don’t feel comfortable and you don’t feel you are getting what you need, ask more questions and interview them or move on to someone who can.
Kylen: Most offices, the ones that are really caring, will want to sit down and talk, they want to help. 

I love it when my patients ask me questions, the best part of my job is being able to inform and teach.
Kristi: You can maybe even visit and get a tour.
Kylen: Yes, you can do pop byes and tour the office and see. We have had patients with such severe dental phobia that they just sit in the waiting room because having that exposure makes them more comfortable when they come for their cleaning.
Kristi: That’s awesome. I had such extreme sensitivity. One time we were in a different room and the chair was different, I knew I couldn’t even sit in it. I was a little embarrassed and I had known Kylen for a long time at that point but I still felt embarrassed to say I couldn’t sit in that chair, can we please go to a different room. With the high sensitivity with my CRPS and the textures of the chair I just knew right away it would not work for me. 

The more uncomfortable you are, the more problems you are going to have. Because your fear is higher, the pain gets higher, you tighten up.
Kylen: It’s best to speak up, before you are clenching and grabbing the chair.  We can work to solve the problem if we know about it. So, it’s really good that she spoke up and felt comfortable enough to say this chair isn’t going to work for me and we just moved her to another room. That might not be the case with every office if they don’t have one available but they could lay the lead apron or blanket down. There are different things that can be done with that.
Kristi: Thank you so much Kylen.
Kylen: You’re welcome.

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