How to Get Dressed with CRPS: Hypersensitive and Burning Skin Solutions
Posted on May 17, 2019
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Is wearing clothes, really painful for you? Let me tell you my super duper tricks for helping you in that situation.

Hello everyone. My name is Kristi Oen and I am CRPS conqueror and the founder of PAIN Help. 

I am so excited to share with you some of my tips and tricks on how to actually get dressed when you have CRPS and you have that extreme burning fiery sensation. Where just wearing clothes is extremely, extremely painful.

For some of you you might just have it on a certain limb, where you have a little bit of CRPS in one area so you can work around it a little easier. Mine ended up being whole body which made just the entire concept of wearing clothes extremely difficult for me. 

Let's go through some of the things that I have done building up to my favorite and something I wish I had known.   It definitely a lifesaver for me, something I use all the time and wish I had for the past 31 years with my CRPS.  

Some of these are not great coping mechanisms, but you do what you gotta do. So one of my first things that I would sometimes do in the morning when I get dressed do a shot of organic red wine.  It would kind of numb things a little bit, taking it down a notch so that I could put the clothes on and not feel the sensation so much. Once again, not the best idea in the whole world, but it is something that I had to do and it worked for me, by taking the edge off.

You could also use a CBD oil to do that. And once again, this is an organic one a really high quality one, if you're going to go the CBD oil route. 

There are pros and cons to doing alcohol and CBD oil. These would not be my first choices anymore for doing this. These are things that do when you have to. Those are, the "Oh crud", I have to do something and that's going to help to just take it down a notch. It takes the sensation and just turns it down enough for you to get dressed and get ready to go.

So what else would I use? So I knew that if I were to be touched throughout the day, that that was extremely painful. So it would be better for me to have more barriers like have a long sleeve shirt on. This would create a barrier between me and people touching me. 

But to get that shirt on, I now have to deal with touching this part of me, which now I can do because my wellness device has gotten me not needing that anymore and able to do the things that I need to do.

Lotion was an option I used. I tried this organic lotion, but it still has some things in it that I'm not super fond of, but it was at least organic and not super, super expensive.  The problem is then you have to get it on. So you have to get through the pain of putting it on your skin. So I would do a shot of alcohol and then put the lotion on and then put the clothes on. And it was a constant struggle.

I moved away from the lotion to coconut oil, which was organic. It does actually go on a little easier. It slides on the skin much easier than lotion so it is less painful. 

This is now my favorite thing to use. It is a solar recovery. So it's a sunburn spray. It took me 30 years to find this and it is amazing!   

If you just get a sunburn spray from the store, it could have a lot more extra toxins and chemicals in it.   So you have to be careful about what you're doing and sometimes you just don't care as much about the toxins cause you're just trying to reduce some of the pain. 

The nice part about this one is I can use it all over my entire body. It is really safe. I'll link up some information below and it helps. 

And it's a spray so when you spray it's not touching, you don't have to touch your body and it's got a little bit of a cool to it, which kind of takes the burn down. 

It's got a some oils in it, which then allows you to put the clothes on or to put on a sheet. I use this before I go to bed, I spray it all over my whole body. So when you go to put sheets on, it's not as bad.  The spray creates a barrier so you don't feel the sheet so much.  It truly is not as bad. 

I also have a CBD oil spray.  You can spray it on and it takes the edge off.  

But once again, I like the solar recovery even better cause I can do it all over my whole body. It's not nearly as expensive as the CBD oil and it works so well for me. 

So for those of you that are looking for a tip and a trick that might just help you out on wearing clothes, getting dressed, having any sort of sheets around you or anything, this is going to be it. And sometimes I'm spraying it on in the middle of the day and other parts of the day, depending on what I'm doing, cause it's just nice and cooling and kind of chillin" out the skin. So definitely check it out. 

My hope for you is what I've been able to accomplish, which is I can get dressed and I don't have to use alcohol or anything.

I still use the solar recovery because I actually do like it better than putting lotion all over my skin. Remember, your skin is your largest organ in your body. And it's going to absorb the toxins the most. And so most lotions, even if they say they're organic, even if they say they're natural, they usually have a bunch of stuff in them that isn't good for you. Being a chemist, I like to look up some of these ingredients and it shocks me, I'm just like, no way do I want that on my body! And then even the coconut oil, you have to rub it all over it. It's just so inconvenient. 

With this it's just squirt, squirt, squirt, spray, spray, spray, and you're moisturized and ready to go.

So I hope that you guys are having a lovely day. And that it just keeps getting better and better. And remember, every day you are getting healthier. Just plant that seed into your head that you are getting better and this tip can help you get there.

Products mentioned in video:

I have used many different CBD oils over the past couple of years.  This one has the best quality including being organic, great taste - spearmint, doesn't make me very drowsy.  This is also a company created and run by a medical doctor.  Always use caution when using CBD oil and consult with your physican.  

CBD oil, spray and lotion:  painhelp is the code to get 10% off your order at

Lotion: I'm not a fan of some of the chemicals in the lotion in the video so I'm not linking it here.  

Organic Coconut Oil:  I get organic from Costco - much cheaper than at most stores

Solar Recover Spray!  Click on the links to go to amazon, one is travel size to take with you.  
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