Grocery Shop Online Saving Time, Money and Avoiding the PAIN: A CRPS Life Hack
Posted on March 15, 2019
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Hello everyone my name is Kristi Oen and I am CRPS conqueror and the founder of PAIN help.

Today I'm talking about something so important that it is so simple and is a game-changer/life-changer for those of you that are struggling in pain and it's really difficult for you to grocery shop.

I'm going to be showing you a really easy way where you can order and pick up your groceries.

Avoid the hassle, anxiety and pain caused by walking in the store.  It's going to save you money because you're not able to impulsive buy and it helps you get good healthy foods to have on hand to eat instead of eating out. 

I am using Walmart because that is a thing in my area that is the easiest. I know that Publix is also an option where you can either have them do the grocery shopping and you pick up or they actually deliver it to your house. You need to find out if these things are available in your area. It doesn't have to be some big fancy chain that you use to do this. I also called my teeny little organic grocery store and they offered to do the same service for me for a small fee. Don't feel like even though you don't have a Walmart that delivers that you can't get help. People want to help people in need, so feel free to just ask, there's no harm in asking.

You can either use your computer or the walmart grocery app on your phone. I use the app and just add to my cart throughout the week as I run out of items.

Here is a code to get $10 off your first Walmart purchase -

You can go type in something very specific to find in the search bar or you could shop by Department. My favorite category on here is the organic shop and you could shop all organic which is awesome. 
Remember it is important to get organic; you don't need extra toxins in your body causing more inflammation and pain.
Yes, inflammation and pain can be attributed to toxins so we want to limit exposure and keep our food as clean as possible to keep our body performing as best as possible. Organic doesn’t automatically make it a healthy choice; try to pick fresh/frozen pure foods vs. organic processed foods with many ingredients or sugar.
If you need help cooking while in pain check out this previous video/blog. #3 Tips for Cooking while in Pain

It isn’t always easy to cook or prepare meals so let’s look at one of my favorite things from Walmart – type in organic salad in the search and here they are. For $4 you can get a premade organic salad that has some chicken and cheese and it's all organic. 
Prepared and prepackaged foods are going to make your life so much easier on a bad day.  So get some things that are ready to go and that are healthy! If you haven’t already noticed you can experiment with different foods and quality of foods (organic/fresh/low fat/low sugar) to see how you feel. You should notice a difference, most people do, and it might be different foods for different people so try different things.
One of my favorite things is that it remembers the items you purchased previously and you can also mark them as favorites so you can scroll through and see what you need and put them in your cart.
Walmart also does substitutions if they don’t have exactly what you asked for. They try to match it the best they can and you always get the original price even if they substitute a larger size or a name brand. If you don’t like the substitution they pick you can just say no when you pick it up and you won’t be charged. Once they made a mistake and I didn’t notice until I got home, I called and they took it off my credit card right away. 

I'm going to get myself some salad, I’m out of celery, look at all this organic stuff that I have saved already and how easy it is to shop in just minutes! 
If you type in frozen and organic - look at all the different things that pop up. I love to make a great butternut squash soup. They have steamable riced broccoli and they even some of the organic meals. Although I prefer not to get stuff that's processed, it's always nice to have it. You never know when it might be a tough day for you so having some of the salads or frozen meals that you can easily eat are going to make a difference for you.
Don't forget to look at your general grocery list as well!   Another great part about Walmart is that you can get anything that you need. 

A lot of times I'll order on Amazon for certain things but there's a ton of stuff you can get from Walmart. Things like ivory soap, Band-Aids, hydrogen peroxide or pencils and paper.  I get my computer paper here. Almost anything you can think of you can order on this Walmart page and pick up with your food order which make shopping easier for you.

As you can see this easily saves you hours of time each week, not to mention the hassle and pain of walking around the store.  

So let's say that I was done shopping, I can go to check out and it's going to say wait you didn't order some of the things you always order.  Yes I always order my organic avocados so yes I'll take some of those, thank you for reminding me I totally forgot…and then you can continue to check out. You can pick it up or you can have it delivered which I believe is an extra $10 charge. Pick up is free. Usually you have to wait until the next day unless you order early in the morning for later that day. I'm going to have my husband pick it up after work so I'll put that in there and continue. It remembers your information, what store you prefer, and has your credit card on file. Even after you checkout you can still edit your orders for hours. Your credit card isn’t charged until after you pick up in case you reject something or don’t want certain substitutions.
When it’s time to get it you drive up to specific spots, call them and they bring it out to your car, put it in the car. All your shopping done in minutes – not hours!   
This is a game changer! It is not only for people in pain because it saves you time and money every week.  

Add to your list all week, then stand in the kitchen and finalize your shopping in minutes. No impulse buying when you walk the aisles, it saves you anxiety and pain since you’re not bumping into people and you aren't stressing out. Save yourself the stress and pain – order online now!  

I hope that this has helped you and I really, really, really want to do the most I can to help you conquer your pain as well as get through it. The first part is obviously just getting your mindset around how can I work through the situation that I'm in but then more importantly what can I do to be done with this pain. If you are ready to change your life and be done with what you have going on with you please contact me.  

Kristi Oen, CRPS Conqueror
630 740 0312
Here is a code to get $10 off your first Walmart purchase -
If you need help cooking while in pain check out this previous video/blog. #3 Tips for Cooking while in Pain

Don't forget to share this with others!  It is time to help everyone in pain!
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