Meditative Movements for Chronic Pain with Guest Ellie Peterson
Posted on April 12, 2019
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Kristi: Hello everyone, Kristi Oen here and I’m with Ellie.
Ellie: Hello

Kristi: This is Ellie Peterson and I am so excited to be with her. We have a special surprise for you today. Ellie please tell everyone a little bit about who you are. 

Ellie: I’m Ellie Peterson and I’ve created a technique called Meditative Movements. The reason I created it was because it helped me be healthier and happier.  

Kristi: That’s awesome! I’m really excited about her meditative movements because it combines some of the things that I love; meditation and movements. It’s not something I actually used when I was getting healthier but I’m excited to try it and I’m sure other people will really enjoy it. What exactly are meditative movements?

Ellie: What is it? Well, its a process that you use with physical movements.  In our body, we hold stored energies, some that are painful. This is an opportunity to really feel being in your body.  I know if you have chronic pain, that might be a harder thing to do. 

It also then focuses on the breath because the mind will perceive things that are going on so you focus on the breath really knowing how to deeply breathe knowing that life really wants you to be here. 

Then we use spoken affirmation because our mind can get into a repetitive thought process that actually makes our illness be worse than it really this. 

This is a way to help you snap out and redirect I think is a great word. 

Kristi: I think it’s really great because I do mind, body and soul in my program. Mind which is similar to the positive affirmations which are very powerful, soul you have the meditative type movements, and moving which is getting your body involved. It really encompasses everything I’m doing…differently…but very complimentary which is amazing. So how do you know this works?  
Kristi Oen Founder of PAIN Help and Ellie Peterson founder of Meditative Movements
Ellie: For myself personally, I was divorced with a 5,3,1 year old.  Ellie from the Deli made $80 a week, smoker, unhealthy body image and really feeling weighted down with life. I used it as a way for my own healing. 

Then there is a 2017 University of Minnesota research study that shows that the technique reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue while improving emotional and functional well-being and that was with a group of participants that have chronic pain.

Kristi: This is something that you developed, right? That’s what everyone needs to know, this is something that you made and came up with to help you get through everything right?

Ellie: Yes .

Kristi: Awesome! Yes! I love it when it comes together, it’s like my PAIN Help too. It’s what I did to get over it. And now that’s our goal, really to share it with other people and help other people.

Ellie: Right!

Kristi: Ellie is going to share with us today some little thing or things you can do at home.

*3:15 timestamp – go here to just watch the meditative movements

Part 1: Hands on heart and abdomen

Ellie: The first move I want you to practice is to place on hand on your heart and one on your abdomen; this can be done standing or seated. 

Just feel your hands touching your body.   And then you actually switch your hands so you change the position. What we do in Meditative Movements is always how does this feel? Feel your heart beating feel your stomach and then switch again. Be present, how does that feel and then switch one more time. The reason being again is holding yourself and feeling that connection that you have.
Kristi Oen Founder of PAIN Help and Ellie Peterson founder of Meditative Movements
PART 2: Breathe Deeply 

Ellie: Then we will focus on the breath, take a deep breath in and exhale. Another deep breath in and exhale. It is important with breathing are you breathing all the way down to the belly or are you a chest breather? 

This makes a difference because you chest breath when you are anxious and when you are calm you breath like a baby – you see the belly move up and down

So then switch hands, just holding yourself and feeling. Take another deep breath in healing and blow it out. Take another deep breath in healing and blowing it out then switch hands.

Part 3:  Affirmation

Ellie:  So what’s important is the affirmation, this one is “I am safe."  It is recommended that you say it out loud, you do have your own voice. And then really feel that safety. 

So take a deep breath in healing, exhale the affirmation, "I AM SAFE".  We actually say it four times, "I AM SAFE, I AM SAFE, I AM SAFE."  

Take a deep breath in healing, exhale, and switch hands. Feel yourself coming back to yourself. Take another deep breath in healing, exhaling "I AM SAFE, I AM SAFE, I AM SAFE, I AM SAFE."  Take a deep breath in healing, exhale and switch hands. 

And when you say the affirmation, notice how you hear it inside your body. When I speak it I feel... 

Kristi: It resonates, right?

Ellie: Yes, it’s resonating. Connect with that, take a deep breath in healing, exhaling "I AM SAFE, I AM SAFE, I AM SAFE, I AM SAFE."  One more time, take a deep breath in healing and switch hands. We take ourselves very seriously sometimes, it’s time to let go. Take another deep breath in healing, exhaling "I AM SAFE, I AM SAFE, I AM SAFE, I AM SAFE".
Hopefully you did feel that calmness within you. This to me, Kristi, shows we have a lot of power. For most of us, we have a lot of negative thoughts, some built because of our experiences. Knowing that, you can direct your thoughts within at those moments.

The other thing is if you had other thoughts come up.

Kristi: YES!

Ellie: Did you have some? Like I’m not safe?

Kristi: Right, right.

Ellie: It’s understanding those and being present to them. Then it’s really standing in your power and saying in this moment, I am safe.

Kristi: I hope you guys use this video again - because you can follow with it. It was hard for me to say sometimes I AM SAFE and I caught up with you sometimes. 

For me I almost starting crying too because those of us that are in chronic pain and having problems, we don’t feel safe and we don’t believe we are safe. 

I do a lot of mindset and spiritual healing and work but no matter where you are on your journey there’s always some baggage and that’s why it’s great to meet other healers. And work with them, because it just pushes you in a slightly different way to help you get what you need out of what is happening.

Kristi Oen Founder of PAIN Help and Ellie Peterson founder of Meditative Movements
KristiI would say to everyone, if tears do come up, if things do come up cry, scream, whatever let that emotion out… 
Ellie: Yes…

Kristi: And then go back to it and say I AM SAFE and get in your power and really take it back.

Ellie: Exactly.

Kristi: And don’t stop, sometimes when I feel like I don’t want to meditate it’s because I know there is something I need to go through but I feel like I want to avoid it. 

One of the things that I talk about a lot is that you have to go through your junk. If we keep hiding, literally pulling the blanket over our head and hiding from our emotions and our pain; then we can’t get through it.
Ellie: Exactly and this is for all of us. Feeling safe in our body and knowing it is okay to experience this. You talked about the sadness you felt.  For me I would cry.  Crying especially with other people can be difficult.  

This is really taking the time, saying, honoring and practicing because our bodies are here to support us.  Our minds are what gets in the way. 

So hopefully this can help.

Kristi: Yes, thank you so much Ellie for joining us in this today. I am really excited, I didn’t know quite what you were going to do and as always it was divinely perfect. 

Something I needed and I’m sure everybody else does. So thank you so much for the time and I look forward to getting to know you more and we will post your information so you guys can get to know Ellie a little more.

Ellie Peterson, Meditative Movements 

Ellie: Thanks Kristi

Kristi: Another hug, there’s never too many hugs.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your healing journey.  Kristi

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