Radical Forgiveness,
A Powerful Technique that Helped Lisa Doyle-Mitchell Conquer MS
Posted on May 3, 2019
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Kristi: Hello everyone, Kristi Oen here and I am a CRPS conqueror and the founder of P.A.I.N. Help. And today we have Lisa doing something absolutely amazing. We're going to be talking about radical forgiveness and how it can help you move forward on your healing journey. And it's something she used in her journey. So Lisa why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Lisa: Well, in 2005, I woke up one morning and I couldn't see, actually I saw double and, I had to take my son to school. I just started panicking. I didn't know what was wrong. From that day for the next two months I went on this journey and the first stop was a doctor, who led me to scans. Eye scans, brain scans and all these scans and it led me to an MRI and to an opti neurologist. Who said to me, you have MS based on all these lesions on your brain. I'm declaring right now that you have MS. And at that time I had to wear an eye patch because I saw double.

Lisa: And I remember looking at him with that one eye and I was like, I don't even know what MS was. I felt for me at that moment in my life that I really, it was one of those things like I really did not have time for this because I was raising a son. I was on my own. Who's going to drive him, pick him up, who's going to take care of him. I had nobody else to rely on, at least I thought I didn't. And, there was one thing that he did say to me that kind of stuck with me. He said, these could be old, like maybe when you were vaccinated or he kind of said it like that. So, I ended up leaving and, I was just, I was a mess for like 24 hours and I decided the next morning, after my mom took my son to school, that I have to find out.

I really do believe in this other solutions to medical issues. I always felt and I was really fascinated by it. So I actually used a local resource here. It was the Natural Awakenings magazine as my resource.

And I met a lot of practitioners here in southwest Florida that served me and this helped me uncover what could or possibly could be. One of the things that this amazing woman told me, who had a spa in Northport, near the warm mineral springs. 

She said to me, you know, these are repressed emotions, these, these lesions, who are these people? 

Like that's how she asked me, who are these people? I'm like, Oh my God, I don't know. So there were four lesions and they were, and I learned and discovered that they were four people that I harbored resentment for since I was two years old. 

Kristi: That is really powerful. Every time you say that, I just get chills all over my body. There is so much we don't want to own and recognize about how our mental and emotional state has physical implications for ourselves, it does. And so I honor and respect you for, for bringing that up and mentioning it. This is so powerful and it is going to help so many people, Lisa. So thank you. 

Lisa: You know, and actually, and I kept thanking her because it was a different shift of perception and it wasn't contradicting to, if I did choose to take medication, if I chose to take the medication and be in the wheelchair that he said I was going to be in, if I chose that route, the energetic or in the naming it and kind of working through forgiving, it was no contraindication at all. Whatever you choose to do, it can't hurt. To me, it's like whip cream on an ice cream sundae, couldn't hurt. I'll bang out a couple of forgivenesses, and then just roll around in my wheelchair if I chose. So. But with that, I didn't choose the wheelchair route. I felt like the stubborn part of me. I just, I was so grateful that I was very stubborn and very rebellious because at that moment in my life, I was like, oh, this is the reason why.

It's like that Algebra moment. Like, oh, there's a reason why I took Algebra in high school because now I need to use this little formula. So, with that, I named the lesions after four people and two of them were my caretakers. And I remembered looking at this going, oh my God, you know? And I was so rebellious. So I lived in such a state of consciousness of like, I can do this on my own. I don't need anybody's help. I harbored all this resentment, you know? And just keeping people hostage, you know? And that's the best way I can describe it. 

I felt like I kept people hostage in my brain.  Holding on to this anger and resentment, even though it was righteous, like in my mind, textbook righteous, but energetically it didn't serve me clearly because I was bedridden

And two of the people, two of the lesions, and I'm going to put them opposite, the front ones I had, I had a choice, but at that moment I was so vulnerable that I really needed, I didn't have a choice, I needed support.

So, I was like, well, how do I get rid of this? I was like, okay. I named them, what do I do here? She goes, well, we need to release them. 

I said, well, how I do that? I have this personality where it all sounds beautiful and daffodils, but I need instructions like I need like give me, I can read 40 textbooks and still walk away with the question of like, I didn't get that answer. Like, how do I forgive? How do I release this? How do I let it go? 

And, so she taught me this, it was called a dear one letter. And I'm so grateful for this. it was a three step process and we worked on one lesion at a time, one person at a time. 

Dear One Letter:  Step One - Let it Rip!

And the first step of this dear one letter was, dear so and so, or dear lesion or dear whoever that is, right?   So you guys know who that is or whatever. And we need to get on paper what you want to let this person know? Like, how dare you, how could you, and my way of saying is letting it rip. Like just let it rip on this. She gave me permission, which was kind of refreshing. It could take you a day, a week, two weeks, however long it takes. But you know when you're done, when you're exhausted, when you're like, Ugh, I gotta do this again. And when you're really exhausted, even if you repeated yourself 40 million times, it doesn't matter, just get it all out. It's like this process from the brain going down your arm through the gateway, which is your hand into this pen that's used as a tool to get it on the paper to release. It was like that physical UHH. It's just amazing. 

Kristi: That was really powerful what you said. Making that whole visualization of it coming out and releasing and removing it. There's a lot of work that I do with people saying let's take it out, let's make sure we actually send it really far away and kind of recycle that energy, get it out. And so I love that visualization of moving it down the arm, putting it on the paper and getting it out.

Lisa: Can I just share just something that I learned over the years? When we go through that process and we think about it, it's in our mind here and then like getting it out, which is going down the central nervous system, right. Goes down the central nervous system through your arm. And that's the end of the question mark. That's where you're going to get it all out and you're going to get your answer. You know, you just do. It's just energetically, if you think about it, if you look at like under a microscope or even these textbooks, you can see how all the nerve endings come out from the central nervous system. It's like, it's like the motherboard of your physical body. So it made so much sense to me. 

Dear One Letter: Step Two - Look at Your Backyard!

In the next letter, I took a look at my backyard, I took full responsibility for my part of this, this whole experience because you know, it takes two. 

But there's such a great shift in perception for me because when you take a look at your backyard and take a look at your part, you're taking full responsibility and full ownership and regaining full power of your life. 

I mean we're not surrendering our power to these lesions, if you will, or to other entities. We're regaining our personal power by taking responsibility for our part. 

However, that may look and that letter could take half a page, which I was hoping it would, you know, but whatever it is, nobody has to see these letters. 

This is between you and if you have a higher power, God, whatever that may look like, that's between you and you and you and you energetically. All right. 

Dear One Letter: Step Three - Thank You!

So the first step was to, to let it rip. The second step was to take a look at our backyard and take full responsibility for our part. Okay. And then the third letter was, was pretty intense because you could never do the third letter until you did one and two.

And the third letter to this, amazing, beautiful lesion was what I love and admire about that person. And it really shifted and I felt energetically new pathways were being paved. 

It was like little pac men going in and making new brain pathways in my brain, eating that lesion and releasing that lesion. And then creating a new pathway for me. Like I felt a shift of perception, regriding is another way to put it.

Dear One Letter: Releasing Ceremony

It was just so liberating. And so with that three step process, at the end of that I ended up taking these letters and folding them and doing this whole, for me personally, like I had a burn it but I gave it love. Like I, I put it in like this quand and whatever you call those little things or, and then I buried the ashes in the earth. Like I said thank you and I thanked this experience. Like thank you, it's time to go. 

And that was my release. And I literally to this day, to this day, have so much love for my four lesions. And this is the best part too because to me, well, just to kind of wrap that up, forgiveness to me is a, is a process of bringing awareness to it. First step. Second step is taking a part in our play in it. And the third step is to fill it with love because now you're at empty, it's all empty. So we have to fill it with something. And when you fill it with love and gratitude and know that this person was part of a bigger process in a bigger whole vision in our life, how can you not have love for them? They did their job, they did their job. Thank you. So that's my story while I sit here with my whole body riddled in, in goosebumps. But I feel really good and grateful that I get to share that. 

Kristi: Yeah, it's so absolutely amazing. And this was just one of the tools that you had in your tool case to not accept your MS diagnosis, to not go in a wheelchair.  I went into a wheelchair and kicked out of it. Like you never actually got there. You were able to accomplish and get through this, with this being one of your tools, right?

Lisa: Yes. And can I just share? Every day I declared myself an open channel to receive what I need to know for my highest good to break through the circumstances.

Kristi: I got goosebumps.

Lisa: Yes. And what was amazing when you declare yourself an open channel, like really watch around you. Like you can look outside your window. Like I'm looking right now waiting for like this butterfly or a bird to land, or when you're driving and somebody cuts you off in this a license plate that says something like, oh my God, there's my answer. You know, you just really open yourself up to possibilities and that's the key is to open yourself up to possibilities. That's for the highest good of everybody. Really, truly is.

Kristi: Can you say that statement again so they can really hear and accept it and the exact words don't matter.

Lisa: Okay. Upon wakening, I declare myself an open channel to receiving what I need to know to help me break through my circumstances for the highest good of all involved.

Kristi: Amazing. I know for me, my sentence, my little mantra that my mother gave me, and flipped everything for me, it was looking in the mirror and saying, I am getting healthier. Every time I looked in the mirror, I am getting healthier every day in every way. I am getting better. And you're right. I love what you're saying about being open to receive because as soon as you are open then your world can start changing and things will come to you. You will magnetically draw the things that you need in your life, the people in your life and other things will fall away that are supposed to fall away because they're not really supposed to be there. Certain people, certain things, certain stuff that you are holding onto, including your lesions, you know, like we were holding on to that stuff.

And so that radical forgiveness, I'm just so in love with what you do. And Lisa is a blessing physically in my life. We've become friends and we share and help each other, which is another gift in and of itself. 

If you think that you can go through this process alone, you can't. It's really important and at different stages, you'll have different people come into your life that are the people that are important, that will help push you and guide you. And, and it's just really important no matter how much I'm here telling you guys about how things are going for me, I still struggle. I still have problems. 

We were talking about how worthiness came up again, like, Oh haven't we done this enough? You're going to constantly be improving yourself and working and challenging. So Lisa had me, I use the word challenge because I didn't really want to do it, write a dear one letter.

And so I did one of these letters and I didn't know that I was doing all three letters when it just happened cause it just happened for me naturally. She actually challenged me to write a letter to one person and that didn't work for me. I couldn't, I couldn't do it for a whole week. And then the next week when we talked, we discovered that it was to someone else that I needed to write a letter first and I avoided it, avoided it until just one day I like chaos is happening around me, the family is doing stuff. I might even have been cooking dinner and all of a sudden I just had to sit down and I knew that was the moment I had to write it. And even my son's like, what are you doing? And I'm like, I'm writing this letter to this person.

Then he said, oh, okay. You know, and it's just like I had to do it in that moment and the let it rip was really hard for me. But I think it's really important. These are the things that I am holding on to cause a lot of times in your mind, you feel like I can't say those things. Well you can. You're saying him on a piece of paper. You don't have to say it to that person's face. Even if they're passed away, you can't say it to their face. You're just putting it on paper. So put it on paper, put it down, let it rip. And then mine naturally flowed into, I didn't know what step two was. She was holding back on me.

Lisa: I was like, Oh she did the second course, OK.

Kristi: It just naturally for me flowed into the next part, which was, as we said, taking responsibility. Looking at it and looking at my part and then acknowledging and loving for that what they have done in my life and where I would be and just all the sudden; I love how you say it created new pathways, you know, like little pac men in your face, in your face (both laughing). Yes, it's letting go of that because I know when I first sat down to write the letter, I was kind of angry at that person, right? Like I was holding onto resentment. I was not forgiving them. I was focused on those things, those certain memories in your mind. And by time I was done I had a smile on my face and all I could think of was happy memories.

And that is the part that I'm going to take away.  When I do some healing sometimes with people, we flip the story, we give you a new positive spiritual image of what that person is to what that life experience was. And we thank and honor and respect where we came from. But this is what we're choosing. We choose to hold onto this the love part, the thank part. 

And, and I just, I thank you for reminding me of that. And I find that I, I've journaled for a long time. I wrote for a long time when I was waking up spiritually and then I stopped and I, I thank you for bringing me back to it because there's something you guys that's additionally powerful about writing it down. And then I also folded it up. I didn't burn it, but I drew on it like it was a little present. My son's like, Hey, what's that? And I'm like, doesn't that look like a bow?

I wrapped it up and then it was a letting go or releasing ceremony, into my recycle bin. That's how I chose to do that. And it worked really well for me. 

And it's part of the journey, part of the moving forward, part of your own healing because your emotional and physical state can be linked. 

And that's what we're trying to do. Like you said, it's not necessarily replacing the medical route. Everybody has the choice to go whatever route they want to go and how can this hurt? You could still be doing that and this isn't going to hurt anything, can only help. It can only help with what you're doing and what you've got going on. And, so I'm grateful. Thank you very much, Lisa.

Lisa: Thank you. You know, can I, can I just share one thing? You know, when you do that and then you just surrender the outcome. So whatever's to be and whatever our experience is. So like you said, you just kind of zeroed in on it where, you know, it doesn't help. It's not contraindicating whatever you choose to do. So say the results are still like, oh my God, I'm still in this wheelchair. I'm still in this. Well, maybe that's because I'm, that person that you release is the one that's now walking up beside you or whatever it is. It's all perfect. It's all perfect. So perfect. It really is.

Kristi: I liked what you said like yeah, keep your expectations to just being part of the process and, and for you and for me there were many things that contributed to where we ended up in our healing process. 

And even as we sit here right now, we are admitting to you, we are still in our healing process. Our physical bodies are pretty decent. We're, we're kicking ass and doing a good job on that, but we still have more emotional stuff that keeps coming in and, and some, some little physical stuff that we're still dealing with. You're going to have stuff that's a human life. And so honoring, accepting that and then learning to like tap in. 

Let's just, you know, even just to sit down and write a letter to yourself, you know, this just came up for me, Miss Lisa, you know, radical forgiveness for yourself. What are you harboring against yourself? There's often so much self-abuse. You don't feel worthy, Oh Lisa, this is for us. I think we have some new homework.

Lisa: Yeah, self-sabotage is something I'm still working on. Yes.

Kristi: So maybe this is our homework assignment for ourselves.

Lisa: Yeah, it is, thanks everybody for that.

Kristi: So radical forgiveness for ourselves that's a good place to start, I know that's where Lisa and I are going to start. And follow your intuition. Follow your gut. As you accept this, you're watching this for a reason today. You know you're going to be writing a letter in a little bit. Or maybe in a week. You know it will come back to you. You're like, oh no, I have to write this letter. Sit down and write it and whoever pops into your mind and it can be yourself. It could be someone else. Go with it. 

And except, except that where you are in that journey and release and allow yourself you deserve and you are worthy of letting it go. Yeah, you are. You are only hurting yourself. You know, holding on to that resentment, to the, to that pain. So you are worthy and it is time. I think that's important to say. It's time, no matter how long you held onto it, it's time.

Lisa: Yes. You are so deserving.

Kristi: We all deserve it.

Lisa: That's my whole thing. It's like we're all deserving to shine our true authentic self. I mean it's like it's time. It's time.

Lisa: Thank you so much for this opportunity. No, because it's like, you know, we all, you know, I, I had and I donated them all. I had like 500,000 books that were named letting go, let it go, you got this, you can do this; all of this into this simple three step process. Not that it's discrediting that, those led me to this experience. So anyway, so hope that helps.

Kristi: No, no, it does. And I really appreciate you taking the time and I'm sure I'll have you on again to share nuggets of wisdom because that's what we're all about, sharing our experiences to give nuggets of wisdom to help and inspire other people on their healing journeys. So thank you Lisa, so much. Congratulations on you taking control of your life and moving forward and now helping other people as well.

Lisa: Thank you so much, Kristi. Thank you. I really am very grateful to be on this journey with you.


Natural Awakenings Magazine: https://www.naturalawakeningsmag.com/

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