#1 Trick to Reduce Swelling and Pain in Legs Quickly and Easily
Posted on May 24, 2019 
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Today, I'm doing a quick and easy tip on how to reduce the swelling and pain in your legs.
Hello everyone. Kristi Oen here and I am a CRPS conqueror and one of the problems that I was continually dealing with was lymph in my legs that was just kind of stagnant and made my legs really hard so that when you touched it, I would just scream. The pain was so intense

Throughout the years I've been told lots of different tips and tricks to use in order to move that lymph. And today I'm going to talk to you about my favorite ones, especially the one that is super simple and easy and works for everyone and it is totally FREE.

The Things that didn't work due to my CRPS!

So one of the first things that people tell you is to walk. Now if you have CRPS/RSD (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) or other chronic pain conditions where it is hard for you to walk, then that's not really going to work for you. So that might be out. 

Another one is jumping on a little teeny trampoline, which I have one of those, but once again that was not very comfortable for me, or good for my kind of pain and what was happening with me.

These work but not as well as the Best One!

Another tip or trick is just as you're sitting down to just tap or pump your feet and you can move them in opposite directions and all around and just pump so you can do a little bit of pumping there. Another one is when you're standing, just keeps standing up on your tippy toes going up and down. So we're trying to actually get the lymphatic system to start moving. 

Another thing that I would sometimes do, actually I would do this all the time, is either lay on the floor or lay on my bed and put my legs up on the wall and let them just drain for a little while and get them moving so that I could have the lymph flowing.

Here it is, #1 Tip to Reduce Swelling and Pain in the Legs Quickly and Easily!

This is my favorite tip for when they're really swollen and you have lots of pain going on. 

Step 1:

Where your collar bones come together there is a little soft spot in-between and above. You're just going to massage a little bit. And what this actually is, is a place to stimulate the lymph system to start moving. It's kind of like, Hey, wake up, let's get going.

Step 2:

Lay down and put your feet up on pillows or blankets so that they're a little bit higher and then you want to start pumping your feet toward you and away from you.  Back and forth.  You can pump up to about three minutes but you don't have to set a timer while you are doing this. I actually kind of do it until it feels really weird. The person who taught me this, he said, you know, you're not going to get shin splints from doing this, but you do start to feel that kind of almost a little bit of burning from exercising your shins.

So you're just pumping, pumping, pumping, pumping. Once again, this is getting the lymph system to start moving because we want to get it up and out of your legs and up through the lymphatic system so it can be filtered out. 

Step 3:

Sit up and you just sit here. You're not pumping, you just sit. If you want, you can do another stimulation of your little lymph system above and in-between your collar bones.  But you just sit here for about a minute

And for me, it actually feels a little bit lighter in my legs. I can kind of feel the lymph moving. Now, I'm really sensitive to my body and feel things more than other people.

But I've worked with a bunch of different clients who do this technique now and are really amazed by how simple it is.  They always say why hasn't anyone taught us this before?  Or teach us so many simple things in our lives that we can do to reduce pain.   

Step 4:

Now lay down again, feet slightly elevated and started pumping your feet back and forth for up to three minutes.  

And this is going to help move that lymphatic fluid out of the legs and have your body actually deal with it and move it through the system.  

That's it!  Super Easy and Effective! 3:1:3 

And for me, the more I had the fluid build up, the more I had the rock solid feeling down there. The more things were stuck in my legs, the more pain I had.

And I don't do this exercise as much anymore. It's so funny cause I don't really put my legs up on the wall anymore. My dad came to visit and he said, you know, Kristi, you haven't laid on the floor and put your legs up in the air. And I've been doing that since I was 10 years old with my legs to try and help.  My mom was a neurosurgical nurse and she told me to do that, put my legs up on the wall to help reduce the swelling. But now that I have my wellness device, that actually helps move all the lymph for me. So I don't have to do these little maintenance things.

But this, this is super easy and free, free, free, free, and good to do

And then you're done. And you can go about your day and you should feel like -it just feels really lighter in my legs. And you might even actually be able to notice to the touch a slight difference in what's happening there.  

So that is one of the simple tips that I've learned over the years that I wish I would've known a long time ago. And I hope that it helps you and have a beautiful day, and if you have any questions or comments or have any ideas or things that we should know, tips and tricks that you've learned, please share them so that we can all get through this together.


Remember you are not alone!

Kristi Oen
CRPS Conqueror and Chronic Pain Coach
630 740 0312

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